The Back Kitchen it's the new trend

The Back Kitchen it's the new trend

Nov 18, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

After the pandemic, Americans continue to cook at home, and in their house now they want a back room to keep the kitchen clean.

Cooking at home is a habit 

During the pandemic, people worldwide were forced to stay home and thus eat at home because restaurants were closed. Cooking tutorials became wildly popular as TV shows, and reality shows dealing with food became increasingly influential. Everyone, little by little, discovered that with a small effort, they could cook a pasta dish themselves: everyone, even those who had never even made a sandwich on their own. Surveys in the months after the pandemic, and still today, have shown that cooking at home is a habit that people did not want to leave behind.  Of course, today, we are back to normal. All restaurants are thankfully open, and there are no more restrictions. Despite this, Americans, more than in the past, prefer to stay home for dinner. The kitchen once again becomes a fundamental space in people's lives, a place to be experienced on a daily basis. You can have dinner at home alone, but also with friends. While reunions always used to take place in restaurants, today, more and more people are choosing to prepare dinner for their guests. Simple or complex dishes, when homemade, even a plate of spaghetti with sauce indeed becomes special.

The Back Kitchen 

The American media has spotted a new trend among homeowners building or simply renovating. It's the "Back Kitchen" trend. As we read in the New York Times: "The back kitchen, in essence, a pantry on overdrive, has become increasingly popular in recent years, according to architects, designers, and homebuilders. It's particularly desirable in new construction where floor plans are as flexible as wish lists. But gut an existing home to the studs, or add an addition, and room for a second cooking space emerges". According to the New York Times: "Back kitchens come with as many names as they do appliances: the dirty kitchen, the messy kitchen, the prep kitchen, the working kitchen, and the scullery kitchen, to name a few. These auxiliary spaces reinvent the humble pantry as the hardworking engine of the house. With the dirty work happening offstage, the main kitchen can shine, an immaculate centerpiece to be marveled, not sullied by spaghetti sauce and sheet pans".

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