Zuppa Fave & Cicoria, a Delicious and Healty Soup

Zuppa Fave & Cicoria, a Delicious and Healty Soup

This dish is part of cucina povera, the frugal cuisine of peasants in the Italian countryside. This fava bean and chicory soup is a traditional Pugliese recipe packed with great nutrients.



This fava bean and chicory soup is very similar to macco Siciliano, a soup of mashed fava beans. In fact, Zuppa Fave e Cicoria is part of a vast southern Italian tradition of bean and vegetable soups. Invented in the Puglia region, this dish combines the sweetness of creamy fava beans with bitter chicory. In this recipe, opposites really do attract! 



For two people, you will need 2½ pounds of wild chicory, 2 cups of dried fava beans, one garlic clove, salt, extra virgin olive oil, and pepper. 



Soak your fava beans in water for eight hours or more. Next, drain and rinse your beans and place them in a large pot with one tablespoon of salt and a whole garlic clove. Add enough water to fully cover the beans. Let the mixture simmer for about an hour, adding more water as needed to keep it moist. When your fava beans are tender, use a wooden spoon (or a blender, for a finer texture) to crush them into a purée. Add olive oil to taste. In a different pot, boil the chicory in well-salted water for 15 minutes. Having strained the chicory, you’re ready to assemble your soup! Place the chicory over the fava bean purée, and finish the dish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper. For the most authentic taste, pair your soup with EVOO from Puglia. Try Agricola Piano’s extra virgin olive oil made from olives of the Peranzana variety.



We recommend that you pair your fava bean and chicory soup with a glass of white wine from Puglia, and some casereccio bread.

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