Can't Help to Falling In Love…Especially When It Comes To Food

Can't Help to Falling In Love…Especially When It Comes To Food

Jun 22, 2019Donatella Mulvoni


Italian food is out of this world and ridiculously delicious, but some ingredients are also rumored to have aphrodisiac qualities. Here is our list of the most famous of “foods of love” Italian-style! 


ALMONDS - They are a symbol of fertility. Almonds are very common in Italian delicatessens and treats like torrone, Tuscan cantucci, Saronno Amaretti. Candy-covered almonds – known as “confetti” – are a must in every single Italian wedding reception as a representation of love: according to tradition, the newlyweds give confetti to all their guests. 

ARTICHOKES - Introduced to the region of Sicily by the Arabs, artichokes are believed to improve sexual attraction. Seems that a Tuscan noblewoman, the charming Caterina De’ Medici particularly loved artichokes. You can eat artichokes raw or cooked. High quality artichokes are perfect on your pasta or risotto. 


ASPARAGUS - Back in the days, asparagus were served at every prenuptial dinner as a good omen. It was a symbol of life, as it comes out from the earth in spring. According to the ancients, it increases the romantic desire.


BASIL - It was named the “herb of love” by the ancient Romans. Basil is associated with love thanks to its intense aroma. In Italy you can find basil everywhere, from antipasti and sauces to desserts. Is this the reason why Italians are always in love? Basil is also the main ingredient of “Pesto Genovese”. The celebrated green sauce is considered a powerful aphrodisiac.


CHOCOLATE - Not only a “comfort food”, chocolate is the quintessential aphrodisiac. Italy has an extraordinary tradition, you can find superb chocolatiers all over the country. You should also visit some of the Chocolate “Sanctuary-cities” like Perugia, Torino and Modica. 


OLIVE OIL - In the Mediterranean tradition, olive oil was used as an elixir to increase virility and fuel passions, to bring on desire. It is a great deal: romantic benefits and a superb taste.


TRUFFLE - Rare and expensive, truffle is considered a formidable love aide. Alba – not too far from Torino, in the North of Italy - is celebrated as one of the areas where the finest truffles are found.



Rumors or truths…Do you want to test the effectiveness of the love foods? Magnifico gathers together for you a unique selection of the best and authentic Italian organic products. Give a try to Agromonte basil pesto. You could also enjoy our Campo d’Oro Chocolate spread made with Modica famous chocolate. We can’t guarantee that it is aphrodisiac, but for sure it is delicious!

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