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Handmade Pasta dough for beginners in 4 EASY STEPS
Apr 07, 2020
No doubts about it, preparing and cooking a meal can be a therapeutic activity during this difficult time. Cooking is quickly becoming a sort of relaxing exercise for all the people forced to stay at home during this pandemic.
All Shapes of Italian Long Pasta
Apr 03, 2020
We divide pasta into two categories: long and short, spaghetti or penne. But this distinction is only the beginning! If you tried out all possible shape and sauce combinations, you would be able to eat a different pasta dish every day for a year! Of course, not all types of pasta are equally popular, and some shapes are more common than others.
All Shapes of Pasta (Short Pasta)
Apr 01, 2020
Do you like long or short pasta better? It’s an age old question, and everyone has a preference. However, even if you love both, you have to calibrate your choice to the recipe you plan on preparing. 
Paccheri, One of the Most Celebrated Italian Pastas
Mar 15, 2020
Paccheri hail from beautiful Campania, the southern region nicknamed “Felix”- happy - by the ancient Romans. This pasta - made with durum wheat semolina - is a cornerstone of Neapolitan cuisine. The shape is large and cylindrical, cut in short pieces. Let’s be honest: paccheri are just oversized maccheroni ditalini! 
SAN VALENTINO a Tavola with Beet PESTO PASTA (Pink Pasta!)
Feb 12, 2020
Are you looking for the perfect recipe for your Valentine’s dinner? Impress your guests with a colorful plate perfect for the Day of Love. The result will be a reddish aphrodisiac in a plate of pasta, perfect for your special night.